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Hello! My name is Michael “Sparrow” Knighton. I used to always be searching for my home, somewhere to belong, without that constant nagging in the back of my mind that I have to leave. But, it never came. I began using the mantra ‘I am Home’ at first to ease my own stresses of never feeling truly home. As time went on and I continued using this mantra it began evolving into something different where I started to lose the definition of Home as a place and started to recognize it as a feeling, within me. That it was me. That I am Home. I am always home.  Up until August of 2017 I had been working in call centers for the last 5 years. It was an aaaaaabsolutely soul crushing experience. In the last 2 years of working I began to bring my guitar in to work and was mechanically learning to play, obsessively. I fell in love with it. Then, I reached a point where I realized there was no amount of technical playing that is going to improve my music. There is no such thing as a fully cultured musician who lives in and out of a call center building. I hungered to be cultured, to learn, to know how the world really is. To know what I don’t know in order to play what I can’t play. So, I followed the music. I began the journey in August where I made a bold move and quit my job to go to the Oregon Eclipse festival. Everything changed for me here. I went to this festival with the mindset of making new connections in life to be able to elevate myself to a position where I am able to free myself. This is the story, however just starting, of how I find who I am. I intend for it to act as a guide, not entertainment, for those that wish to break free. As you read on you will find out exactly how a newly adopted mindset based on trust will be able to shape your life the way you need it and how it continues to operate in a sustainable fashion for me taking care of all needs and all desires and has allowed me to flourish as a human being, through the great and the worst.  We do not wait for it to be perfect here. We jump…and we fly.

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As I was going through my files, searching for my birth certificate (found!! :D) I found this piece that I wrote about my “why” or my purpose if you will. So I thought I’d share: Why? My why is because I am tired. I am so sick and tired of doing the things I don’t … Continue reading Why?

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