~November 2017~

              I felt free again. I was off to go do what I really wanted to do and I was going to get the financial income I needed to make moves. It all began to make sense how everything happened. I held strong, I was rewarded. That is how the world works. As you continue reading you will see this remain true and learn to utilize it. Trimming was a different experience. All we did was work. Good work. I felt calm, at peace, at home. The work was standard – you grabbed nugs and trimmed them to look how they wanted all day long. Obviously, this is not going to give me any sort of epiphany to change my life in and of itself. But then I met Doudi (Doo-dee). And Eric. And Giulia.

              Doudi is from France. An extremely likeable fellow who would say “Im Doudi! The guy from San Francisco!” in a very obvious French accent. He thought it was hilarious. So did we. Eric is from Spain and he had a very knowing energy about him but also the spirit of a child! Quite a beautiful combination. Playful as a child, wise as an elder. Giulia is from Germany and what a wonderful girl! The way she speaks will encaptivate you and her playfulness will bring a liveliness to you that you thought you lost. I became close with these three. There was no way not to. I fell in love with the way they are and how they live.

They spoke of India. Not even to me specifically, but to everyone else. And I just kept being around and overhearing it. And they all spoke of it in the same way. They spoke of how beautiful it is, how free that they feel. It bit me. That’s really all I can say. I decided I was going. I had adopted this ideology of “Commit first and figure out the rest later.” Some would say that its naive, but I use it as motivation. So I bought the plane ticket. I remember Doudi telling me of India, after I had decided to go, he said “It’s freedom, man.” and I still get emotional now just typing it. I could see the truth radiate through his eyes into me. That was all it took.

I finished work, sold my truck and went home to prepare for what I believe will be the start of the biggest undertaking of my spiritual journey thus far.

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