Music music music

I took my first music lesson ever yesterday with a music teacher named Thomas who is visiting from Germany. There’s new mechanical things for me to work on but the real power is his ability to see how I am as a person, my character, my attitude and posture while im playing. Perfecting and tweaking haha. Anyways, I’ve been more open to playing with people. My friend Chiqui came to India and we have been going around with our guitars and playing music here and there and its really been a blessing. I also met a man named Lonny from Austria where he was playing in a Dosa Cafe and I happened to have my guitar so I sat down with him. He played very simply, was probably still learning, and we just played. It was very powerful. You can work and work and work on it by yourself to the point of frustration and pulling your teeth out and it just never sounds quite good enough. But you get someone else sitting down with you and you can play 2 chords all day long with a smile on your face. Or at least on mine! Refreshing. The letting go of fear and attachment. My friend Chiqui has opened my eyes to some certain character flaws that I had blatantly overlooked, or perhaps ignored. She noticed that I tend to assume what people are thinking and how they are and I tend to project my perception as reality in an arrogant sort of way which diminishes the connection or worth of the other person. I’m not sure I fully understand because I believe if I fully understood everything it would shatter everything I thought I knew. Some quote comes to mind from some philosopher “As soon as you know for sure that you are right, you are wrong.” I came to India believing I knew everything, in a sense haha. I knew I had much to learn but I thought I had a good foundation and strong fundamentals. Chiqui has shown me otherwise. I believe I have been coming from a space that is not true. That is why I spend most of my time alone I suppose…to not face that. She is the first person in a very long time that I’ve gone around with with intention to go here and there and then here and meet here and go do this. I generally don’t plan and if you know me you know I don’t really like to go places with people and feel obligated to spend time with them for whatever duration that may be. It seems rude and I suppose it may be but if I feel I need to go left, why should I compromise and go right to follow the crowd? Anyways, she pointed out that I doubt my own power. I thought I was doubting others, but it’s all a mirror, right? Hopefully the answers will come, but I suppose I have to find the right question first. I will let you know when I find it! Hopefully we can get some life changing epiphanies coming soon but I feel I am going to have to leave Goa. It’s too much tourism. Ah! and I lost my phone. So no more pictures for now 😛 I know my next step to be Gokarna, but for short time. From there to Emachu to spend time in the mountains away from it all. Michael needs some real alone time. Love you!

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