Happy Hampi

I am currently spending time in Hampi, India. Every place you go in India is an entirely new culture. There are commonalities like eating with your hands. You must be careful to just adopt traditions as you hear them though. A local may tell you that its tradition to eat with your hands but conversation is so quick and a conversation between two generally consists of 1 talking and 1 saying “mm. hmm. ah. mm. hmm” and at first I thought it was the way indians talked to each other and then I find myself doing it too so naturally. But if you were to hear to eat with your hands you must know you eat with your right hand. Because you wipe with your left. So you might get some funny looks if you’re just digging into your food.

Goa was a bit much for me. Lots of beaches and psytrance. Here in Hampi I feel much more calm, much more centered. Hampi has a very good energy and of course a bunch of hippies. The creative energy is alive and well. Every sunset we gather on the rocks and play music. I kinda just sit there and halphhazardly whack my guitar because I dont know what I’m doing, but it is so fun! There is a guy playing an instrument called a Sontor (spellcheck!) which is an instrument from Iran. You must look it up, it is so beautiful. Yesterday a new friend, Giom (gee-om) was playing guitar. He’s the first I’ve come across also playing with steel strings. And the sound he gets out of the guitar is immaculate. I fell in love with it. That moment where I found the sound I was looking for!

He taught me a couple gypsy chords that are all weird diminished 9s and other things I dont understand so today I go to the beach with him to play all day and and absorb his energy. Last night I was supposed to leave to Mumbai and travel upwards north because I feel like I was supposed to “see india” but I did not come to India for India. I came to India for music and for now that is here. So here I stay. Much love Brothers and Sisters!

One thought on “Happy Hampi

  1. Dearest Miktol…..I have no idea how I found your blog..a traveling home..but I’ve been standing here at my computer on the kitchen counter and reading about your journey. Within your heart is the pen of a ready writer! I have enjoyed this Saturday morning, reading and learning more about you. You would think that a Grandmother would know who her grandson really is…..but no, not until they find opportunity to share their inner journey during the dark night of the soul ….I am thankful, grateful that this journey has helped to take you away from depression and anxiety…and has placed you in a peacefulness and calm and enjoyment of “making music with my friends” (Willie Nelson’s song, On The Road Again). Love you all the time!!


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