Hampi, still

I read something the other day “Hampi is a place where if you’re not careful a few days can easily turn into weeks.” I laughed as I was already at the point where days had turned into weeks. I’ve been learning so much, guys! The world is really wide open, man. I feel elated, wide open…free, man. I don’t see any end in sight, in fact my plans are naturally coming into fruition. The temporary aspect of travelling…temporary friends that last forever…temporary connections…fast pace…move when you want..be where you want..with who you want…when you want. The world we live in puts a lot of fear into us. Makes us feel like we can’t do it or we’ll lose everything if we don’t hold on to it for dear life. I just let go of everything and let my cup empty. and man I had some sour milk in it before I was holding on for dear life but now its something like Holy water. Aghh I can’t find words to express such the way it is. Ive learned so much of where to go to make money and where to be to complete my goals. Like clockwork.

As I go along I find new ways to make money, my creative energy is blown up out of proportion and the encouragement I find to fall in love with my music and myself is out of this world. The things people say, the way they feel in their eyes. Its so alive, man. People just living from their heart and speaking from it too. If you had to experience anything I’d tell you it’s this. Freedom, man. Every step you take is a step YOU take. Not one that’s expected of you. You go the direction you choose. You be who you want to be. Nobody can tell you how to live, what to get, where to be, or who to love. I used to operate from such an attachment to safety and always being ok for tomorrow that I couldn’t be ok for today. You know what I mean. Now I walk free, man, and Ima just keep walkin.

Soon I will be on a desert riding camels in Jaisalmer, and getting colored in the streets of Pushkar during the Holi festival and trekking into Dharam Shala to play music with the Ganges. Life is beautiful, man.

Edit: Ahh, man I had to pop back in and drop a line about Chris from London. He’s a well put together chap that plays some real smoooooth jazz. We play together and I can feel the streets of London carrying the notes into our world. When we’re done playing he says “That was some great noodlin there man, very well done.” Just read it in a London accent and you get the full experience. Ciao!

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