I’m on the brink

I just want to get fucking high. Look, I’m just tired, that’s all. I’m tired of waking up every morning and for every second of my day I’m beating endlessly against this seemingly impenetrable fortress of ignorance that all of society appears so intent on hunkering down within.

And I’m angry. I’m angry that no matter which way I turn there is corruption, greed, and self-serving behavior filtered through every fiber of society from the very top to the very bottom. I’m not trying to be Noble. I just want to enjoy life and do it in a way where there’s no fucked up shit going on in the background. 

I’m angry that people treat investing like going to the grocery store where they’re just looking for the best deal for them and don’t know and certainly don’t seem to care how these corporations are manufacturing their products. Like Apple having claims of child labour and here’s another article…including Samsung and Sony. In this article it states that “Apple is not directly responsible” but that’s the point isn’t it? We aren’t ‘directly’ responsible as the consumer but purchasing the product is still fueling the demand which fuels the practice. So these companies are now running “rigorous audits” to ensure their raw materials aren’t getting sourced by underage labor – after getting caught for it. *initiate slow clap* And it’s not a surprise that these companies aren’t bothering to ask where the materials come from to make their devices. Why? Because the consumers don’t ask. 

I’m angry that people are consuming cane sugar and are ignorant to the fact that children are working on sugar farms in mostly life-threatening hazardous conditions for $3.50 a day. Our drinking of Coca-Cola is supporting this. Coca-Cola is the largest purchaser of sugar in the world – yes, yes they are putting money towards removing children from the fields and putting them in school. But these companies aren’t taking the effort towards finding out where their products are coming from proactively and its because WE are not taking the effort as the consumer to find out where these products are coming from. If we did, they would. Because someone went out and found out and reported it and now people care. Now companies are doing something about it. But if we just keep consuming these things and remaining ignorant on an individual level eventually the corporations – who mirror our actions – will also forget about it. And then chop chop chop away goes the child at the sugar cane. Here’s another article. 

I’m angry that we still use plastic bags in grocery stores in the U.S and Australia has reduced their plastic bag usage by 80%. I’m angry that it took so long for a hemp bill to get approved and now we can finally start working towards making packaging out of hemp instead of plastic. Did you know plastic is a byproduct of oil? On a sidenote about oil – The U.K has announced that by 2040 diesel and petrol will be BANNED. Ya. What are we doing over here again?

I hear people in India talking about the trash problem and completely missing the point. They say “Lets start a program to pickup the trash in India!” and then what? Put it in a big pile somewhere like we do in the U.S? We should be ABLE to throw our trash on the ground because everything we make comes from the earth so we should be able to return it to the earth. But being the genius little humans that we are we’ve managed to create products that don’t biodegrade for 450-1000 years and takes 1.5 million barrels of oil a year to produce our water bottles – just our water bottles – not to mention whats burned to transport them. Mom and Dad – please look at this one. Another source claims it takes 17 million barrels of oil. Whatever. Either way – it’s a lot.  I’m not gonna even get into the fact that of how it takes 3 times the amount of water to make the bottled water. 

Do you guys get it? 

We need to wake up. 

…don’t go back to sleep…

People are going back and forth 
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch

…don’t go back to sleep…

Time for change…for me or for them?

These last 3 weeks have been awesome but I’m not here to talk about all the fun little things I’m doing to keep myself entertained. Always busy busy busy and learning learning learning. What have I learned? Well. I do not want to be part of any intensive vegetable farming. It is actually very frustrating! It is amazing the food that is considered “defective” because it has a blemish on it when it is perfectly good to eat. It actually really eats at me. Sitting here and harvesting bushels and bushels of basil and throwing half of it out because it has brown spots, or chard thats not good enough because a bug ate a hole in it. It reminds me of the Spartan days when they threw out their “defective” babies into a pit due to blemishes and deformities.

Okay, okay, maybe a strong metaphor…but seriously do you realize how much food we’re wasting? You go into a store and every 5 tomatoes one is wasted, every bunch of basil…half is thrown out. Every potato another is composted. Fuck! There’s not much you can do about it either. And then the tilling is still happening because there are no programs to subsidize or assist farmers going into regenerative status, they are just left on their own to do it. The organizations that were meant to fund programs that feed farmers with regenerative resources, including the Canadian government, have debunked and dropped out and its just not happening. I dont even know whats going on in the US politics of agriculture. Did you know there are “organic approved chemicals”? From replantable.com “Organic means that the produce was grown according to USDA guidelines, which cover what kind of pesticides, herbicides, and farming practices can be used when growing organic produce.” And I know this is true because both American and now Canadian farmers have told me about it. I’ve seen it for myself and now you’re reading it. Didn’t you think organic meant pesticide free or am I the only idiot here? So even organic farms are spraying their crops. Awesome. So organic means whatever the USDA says it to mean (and same for the agriculture administrations of other countries) and that definition is apparently very fluid and appears to be whatever suits them best. Again….awesome. The base of the chemical is natural and not harmful to humans….at least the one thats used on this one farm in Canada that I’m on. Who know’s what else is “approved.” Organic dairy farms lobby politicians to get chemicals approved to give their cows because the cows wont be productive enough without it…so it gets approved. Nobody really knows whats going on but I guess thats what They want. Anyways…this spray chemical kills all the bugs and animals. the ladybugs, grasshoppers, the toads and spiders. Organic is not as ecologically friendly as one might think. And its sprayed to maybe kill one type of bug and then kills a thousand. Man, if people knew what they were paying for at the store they might start their own gardens. You go in and would just buy the 3$ box of blueberries instead of the 6$ box of blueberries because its cheaper but the 3$ box is 3$ because its farmed by slaves. We have our Mexicans in the US and probably others and Canada has people coming from Jamaica, Indonesia, the Dominican and Mexico as well. Its a fucked up system, man. These guys are working 16 hours a day for 6 months on a farm. If you could just taste what that feels like you’d feel a different type of way…and you feel like a slave at your job, right? Fuck. But I’m not here to tell you the “dont feel down on yourself because there are people worst off and you’re so lucky” speech….I’m just telling you what I know and what I’ve seen. So, anyways, you inherently start rallying and say “Let’s change it!” but the “slaves” that are coming to farm…they take the money back home to their families and would say they’re better off for it. So what are you really changing? Who are you really helping? Its a fucked up system man and they got you by the balls so I guess just buy the 3$ box of blueberries and buy a beer with it to drown the feelings. And if I had advice it would be this…just because you’re getting paid doesn’t mean you’re not a slave.

Im not sure what to do about all that but there it is. Im turning my focus more intently into regenerative farming and reforestation. There’s a unique opportunity in Mexico we are reaching out to as well as some other opportunities in Canada that are seeming very attractive. Food forest, anyone? 😉 We are going to reforest a piece of land and live from a personal garden and foraging as well. We also want to offer workshops for education on living for the land and have a huge focus on meditation and music and arts for the healing of people while healing the land.  We are not sure how to sustain ourselves financially through that time period while the Food Forest is growing but we know that it will come to us whatever it is. It is definitely something because we are talking about It. Get It? haha 😉 love you guys. I would apologize for the intensity but you know as well as I it’s not required.