off again, off again

Off again, off again…with the wind,  oh with the wind… with a grin, oh with a grin… off again… I’m off again…

I am off! Ah such a tumultous series of events these last 4 months being home in Boise! I am greatful for all those I was able to see ❤ I think it was worth it. I did some good things and focused on strengthening my bond with my family. I think it is definitely stronger but my family was definitely ready for me not be in the house anymore. Haha!

I cant blame them though I must say that I am very ready to be out of there as well. You don’t realize what its like to have no space to your own until it begins affecting! Anywho, as I sit here in the San Franscisco airport I am again finding my mind gears turning. It was as if everything sorta shut down and stopped when I got back home. In all honesty I went through a range of emotions from depression to ecstacy and it’s certainly been an adjustment. I am also learning that I don’t necessarily have any way to tell people how to be themselves haha. You know? I could be writing about travelling and going out and doing things but maybe thats not necessarily right for you. It’s entertaining to read still ;D

I plan to start implementing some video blogging into my blog so me and my darling Bee will be able to keep you guys all updated on the farm life! The people who own the land are talking with us about converting the farm from sustainabole (which it is currently moving towards) to regenerative which means the farms existence actually gives back and heals the land. How cool! Why are we not learning these things? So anyways I will be creating an instagram for Bee and I so that we can use it to keep a steady stream of information and education and the goal will be trying to take pieces of this regenerative farming and see how we can shrink down, make it easy and get people to start implementing into their lives, into their backyards.

Ah it will be sooo cool guys! stay tuned 🙂