Oblogatory Post

Hey guys! I have been having this little blog thing pop up from time to time asking for attention. I suppose it is only fair to explain where I am at now from where I was coming from and also where I am going. And I’m going to attempt to squish it all into a smaller amount than the words that would be required to explain in full detail! 😀 Anyways, sometime in India, around the time I went to see the Dalai Lama I decided not to write my blog anymore. I was having issues with not being present and thinking “ah that would make a great picture for my blog” and “ah i should write about this in my blog” and “ah blog and blog this and blog that” and I did not want to live for the blog.

Now I am supposing it is still nice to share and there is also the handful that need to see something happening for them to go do it themselves, if they want to. I am sure you are not this person ;D Anyhow! The post is here and there are some cool things going on right now! I will start with my trip finishing up in India.

It finished. I went to Rishikesh and became very sick with some sort of bronchital inflammation/infection but I just kept rocking it out anyways. I was awake at 4-5 am and doing yoga in an ashram eating their very basic but fulfilling meals and going through the life of an ashram (oh boy they did not like me with my cough…but i was in the yoga capital of the world and i do have to exist somewhere still so i figured i should be where i want!) I would sneak away and go eat my little chocolate croissant and chai tea at the German bakery down the road after the ashram events were over, although I didn’t consider it sneaking. It was just that the very egotistical stereotypical types of “i am enlightened do as i do or i dont like you” and I was like nahhh ima flow. and also love unconditionally. but you know o.o not my place to get into that with these people. We all come from the same but have just different experiences. glad for the experience and I love them all the same. anyways! the view! It was just so wonderful overlooking the Ganges (Gan-Guh) River and sipping chai.  Then I rolled back into New Delhi…i went back to the same hostel because I had left a book there I wanted to retrieve and there was where I met Bee. She is the most glorious, wonderful, absolutely beautiful, gleeful, loving woman I have ever met and I fell madly in love with her. And then Home went home.

Here I am. Home. Before I had left I spoke with an old friend and secured a dishwashing job at Gino’s Italian Ristorante. Seems very unglamorous (is this a word?) and something people will generally judge as “I would hate doing that” before doing it. But I am working with some very old friends from back in high school and oh my gosh I love it. I have brought such an amazing light and energy to the place and when I really work hard at fostering this energy it creates such an amazing difference. I do not want to say it is me doing all of these things…it is definitely everybody…but I can see in alot of their eyes, especially when stressed on a busy night, to see me doing what is “the worst job of all” with a smile and a light in my eye brings peace to them. At least I think. I have noticed Gino seems to want to increase traffic in his restaurant during his slow days, as I’m sure all owners do, so I offered to help him with internet marketing. On tuesday I meet with the restaurant manager to run over some things. I don’t know if they will be ready for my suggestions because it will be an increase of 300% in acitivty put in and then activity recieved out. But those who cant stand out will wash out. Ah! Also the Art Tribe gathering is tomorrow at Xanadu’s! Please come out and support Tori Ross! It would mean the world to her and I and everyone supporting her! I will be giving my morning tomorrow and if I can make sure Gino’s is in working order I will perhaps be there for the actual event and see you lovelies there 🙂 hehe I also need alot of pallets if anyone can help with that ❤ 😀

The future. So bright! This opportunity is something you should look into as well if you area free of restraints or can find some time to get away. Canada is in desperate need of workers! They need people to come pick vegetables and are paying quite well for it for they fear they will have to leave crops rotting in the field. Some are hourly between 12-17$/hr but alot more are paying by weight of what’s picked and you can make very good money with this. So Bee is already working on a farm in Ontario, CA and I am to join her in July. We have our own place to live and it is free of charge and we will be making money working on this farm and picking vegetables. From there I imagine we come back for trim season and so it begins again 😉 But you never really know. The world is so wide open I simply open the doors and then step through the one I feel most attracted to. A beauitful way to live, yes? Ah I love you guys and will try to keep in touch more often with what is happening! Au revoir!

From the bottom to the top now we here

I have officially said goodbye to the hippie trap that is hampi. Haha Bobby! I found another one of your hippie traps 😉 there was a certain peace where I did not feel anything had to be done. My inner dialogue was quieted and I just felt wooooshahh. I just finished a 35 hour train ride from Guntakan to New delhi and now I am dead center in the hecticness of Delhi. Its a place most travelers say to avoid but we handled it nicely. We met the right people and got the right direction and we are en route to dharamshala tomorrow. Perhaps the Dalai Llama and I will cross paths. I do not feel as if I would have anything to say though. Haha. Perhaps I could run across him my book idea (do you remember Jibbles? 😉 ).

but ya man Hampi was beautiful… now I feel the mountains calling my name. The mountains are in my blood, man, there’s no escaping it. It will be a good finish to my journey. I decided to skip all the tourism in Rhajastan as I dont feel the need for anymore hustle and bustle or temples or camels or having color thrown on me amidst drunkards. I’m more of a go and stay then a go and go you know? And I appreciate my calm and aim to nurture it and watch it flourish. I feel the mountains will help pull even more new music out of me. Although at this point I’m a bit overwhelmed at everything thats flowing through me! This trip has been something beautiful, man. People asked me “Why are you going to India?” I always had trouble answering. My answer came up to be something along the lines of “When I go I will find something that is missing from me although I wont realize I have found it until after I left.” What I’ve realized through my travels and personal reflection of being here is that I already had everything I needed. I already am everything I need to be (thank you Chiqui <3) I don’t need anything special or a special experience to grow more exponentially than this. These realizations are a dime a dozen on a warriors quest for freedom and rarely remembered so it matters not. I believe that is what she was trying to say. I am present. The way things work is way too incredible. I’ve cleared most all distractions of my life and many have cleared themselves for me. I have clear purpose and strong intent and proper motivs and the energy of a child and gaining knowledge at an incredible rate. I will admit I am excited for the few months I will be spending in America. I do not feel entrapped to “Boise” any longer. I feel the ability to utilize America for what it is to me, a money game, and I have my key to the world to go to where I need to be to fulfill what I believe needs to be done. I have a call to herbalism as I’ve had for four years particularly through the medicinal plants of the shamans. I couldn’t understand why I had been dying to go to Peru for 4 years and now that I leave I come to india. I had nothing here I really wanted to see. I wasn’t even excited to come! But nobody comes to India for their first travel and through doing that I have met many weathered travelers and I now have all the resources I need to go the direction I want and I feel empowered to be able to achieve every goal I have. It’s like coming to India I have jumped through a portal and skipped years of work and aimless wandering. “Not all who wander are lost….but I was. And some still are. And that’s ok.” My purpose and goals are clear. I wouldn’t call them desires. I desire to sit in one spot and play guitar forever. that is the truth, but that is selfish. I must do something in this world more than that. Some may ask why? I do not know, I believe there is an exchange required for your desires. I believe I need land of my own to be able to create a community that is strong in the things I believe need to have more presence in this world, my green bubble. Natural farming to heal our earth, yoga, meditation, medicinal herbalism, physical growth, mental and spiritual growth, strong sense of community and art and music, man. Abundance! What do you desire to acquire? It is what comes to me when I empty my mind. It repeats itself over and over and over. I see myself adorned in feathers and beads in a jungle working in a bowl with plants of medicinal properties. Some call this fantasy, I name it calling. And so that will be my very next steps after India…for now I will sit in the mountains and play guitar. But as always that time will end. And I am prepared for that. I have developed a plan and am operating on that plan. My aura of manifestation has grown large. There’s a certain utilization of time where you can and will create your future if you know what you’re end point is. As I continue to reverse engineer from my 5 year point I see things getting stronger day to day. As I tell people what I am doing I see the belief in their eyes reflecting back at me. Some even comment on it. I wait as the rest of the world manifests my dreams. Ill end with a quote from Will Smith:

“Once I’ve decided it, it’s done. That’s it. No question. Now I’m just waitin for the rest of ya’ll to catch up.”